ACH, Credit Cards, eWallet, and More


Collecting money is one of the most important things that you will do.

MultiSoft protects and strengthens your ability to collect payments because it’s important to both of our business models, you for your product sales and MultiSoft for the collection of ASP fees.

Highlights of the Payment Management Features

  • ACH Payment Gateways
    MarketPowerPRO is pre-enabled with 16+ ACH Payment Gateways.
  • Credit Card Payment Gateways
    MarketPowerPRO is pre-enabled with 40+ Credit Card Payment Gateways.
  • Credit Cards Accepted
    Select which credit cards your company accepts with the click of a button. Get merchant account information.
  • eWallet Integration (WorldPayWallet)
    Having difficulty obtaining a merchant account? Want to offer special instant bonuses, a rewards program or the ability for your distributors to purchase products with their commissions? MultiSoft has created its own private eWallet solution that can be run as a stand-alone application or integrated right into your MarketPowerPRO system.
  • Gift Certificates
    MarketPowerPRO comes pre-built with a gift certificate system. Just like the big-box companies and major shopping malls you can offer your distributors and customers the ability to purchase gift certificates and use them to purchase products or services from your company or give them to other distributors, friends, and family.
  • Pre-Paid Gift Card Codes
    With the MarketPowerPRO Pre-Paid Card Code system, you can create your own currency in the form of gift cards. Include them with your distributor kit, give them as rewards and incentives or even sell them from the back of the room at your conferences and events.
  • Redemption Voucher System
    Do you have 3rd party companies that you want to allow your customers and distributors to purchase products and services from? With the MarketPowerPRO Redemption Voucher System, you can allow 3rd party companies access to sell redemption vouchers for products and services from your MarketPowerPRO system. Want to offer your distributors a way to redeem funds or commissions from their eWallet? The Redemption Voucher System will fit this need.
  • Commission Payment Methods
    With MarketPowerPRO you can create your own commission payment methods and allow distributors to select a commission payment method at the time of enrollment.


MarketPowerPRO offers a robust payment management feature that you likely have not seen before – payment gateway rotation. During our time in business, we’ve learned, amongst others, two very important things about payment management: 1. errors in communication with payment gateways will sometimes occur, and, 2. successful companies can hit their merchant account processing limits during a day.

We’ve addressed this by allowing you to set up multiple payment gateways/merchant accounts within the system. For example, you set three up with a “1, 2, 3” preference of which you wish to use. The day starts processing through the first gateway. If there’s an error, the system automatically switches to the next gateway and reprocesses the transaction so that you do not lose a sale. Similarly, if you hit your processing limit for a merchant account, the software will roll over to the next so that you don’t lose out.

Best of all, you add or take away gateways/merchant accounts at any time and change your preferred processing order.

Fully implemented payment gateways allow you to collect payments in real-time today!

3 Delta Systems (3DSI) EC-Linx
Authorize.Net AIM
Bank Of America eStores
Chase Merchant Services
eProcessing Transparent Database Engine
eWay XML API (Australia)
FirstData Global Gateway
Innovative Gateway
Merchant Partners (Transaction Engine)
Merchant Anywhere
Network International
Network Merchants Direct-Post API
Ogone DirectLink
OptimalOne / FirePay Direct Payment
PayFuse XML
Payments Gateway AGI
PayReady Link
Planet Payment iPay
Plug n’ Pay
RBS WorldPay
SagePay Direct (Previously Protx)
TrustCommerce API
Transfirst eLink
USA ePay

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